As any dentists in Dudley will tell you, spotting problems with your teeth early on is the best way to prevent expensive and troublesome treatment mounting up for the future. It’s generally advisable to book a check-up at least once a year to prevent issues escalating.

Knowing that, it’s surprising that many of us put off booking a routine check-up and only head to the dentist when the pain becomes acute. Then, there’s more chance of painful and time-consuming treatment to resolve the problem, and an increased possibility that you may lose one or more teeth. Here are some of the early warning signs that you need to make an appointment.

Time to Make an Appointment with your dentist

Our Top Six Warning Signs

  1. The first, of course, is toothache. You may get a sharp pain from time to time, or perhaps you have a constant, low-grade ache in your mouth. There’s little chance that this will resolve itself on its own. Many people would prefer just about any other bodily pain over toothache, and there are times when even over-the-counter pain medication won’t relieve it. Before it gets to that stage, visit the dentist. Then, any cavity or infection can be treated with less risk of you losing a tooth.
  2. Another sign to look out for is bad breath. This is something we all have occasionally, often from something we’ve eaten, like garlic. But if you’re continually noticing you have halitosis, it’s not just embarrassing. It could be a sign that you’ve got gum disease, or one of your teeth has a cavity that needs filling.
  3. Do your gums bleed when you brush or floss? Do they feel sore and swollen? It’s not unusual for gums to bleed periodically, and you might just have cleaned your teeth too enthusiastically. But persistently bleeding or irritated gums, or teeth feeling loose in their sockets, can be signs of periodontitis, or advanced gum disease. That can cause tooth loss, and the need for tooth implants, over the longer term. It might even result in damage to the jawbone.
  4. Speaking of the jaw, pain in this area can be a signifier of teeth problems too. Worst case scenarios include abscesses, which need treating as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you could be grinding your teeth in your sleep, which can cause damage in the future. Either way, a trip to the dentist can get the issue sorted.
  5. A dry mouth is another symptom that your dentist can help with. It’s important to resolve this because if your mouth isn’t producing enough saliva, then you’re missing out on nature’s way of neutralising the acids in food and drink. That in turn makes you more vulnerable to tooth decay.
  6. And finally, one for the children: if you have a habitual thumb sucker, you should definitely make your dentist aware. If their teeth and mouth are still developing, there’s every possibility this will lead to teeth becoming out of alignment, and that means teeth braces in future.

Make an Appointment Today

For expert help with any of the above, visit your dentists in Dudley. They can also assist if you’d like cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening and Invisalign; or even dentures. For your kids’ teeth, look for a children’s dentist who’ll offer advice and guidance that can prevent many common problems in future.

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